Monday, July 1, 2013

The MMPI and Potential IP's

I have now finished up all of the pre-screening AND screening process. Today was the MMPI(Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Invetory). It's an hour long video chat where you take a true/false test. Some of the questions are normal questions like "I am not afraid of spiders" and for those of yall that know me I answered FALSE! And other questions are pretty crazy like "I feel like people are controlling what I do by using hypnosis." I feel like I did good but some of the questions were a little confusing and tricky to understand. Now I'm just glad to have that over and done with, and thankfully I didn't pick my nose while taking the test :)

I was hoping to get the profile of potential IP's(intended parents) on Friday but we didn't. I was a little bummed because we could of talked about the profile all weekend and gave our decision today. Well this weekend we were super busy enjoying the first weekend with my father in law visiting so it worked out well. This morning I slept in due to the kids and I being sick lately and when I woke up I checked my email and GUESS WHAT??? We got an email from the agency that they have matched us with potential IP's :) I was so excited and grinning from ear to ear. Morning breath and all. Adam was already at work so I text him and told him about it and once he came home for lunch we looked over the profile together. I'm not going to give out much info for privacy reason's and because we are not officially matched yet. Its IF's(Intended Fathers), they already have a child from a previous surrogate and are ready for a second. They live on the east coast which is great. Hopefully we are able to see each other in person more than once. Plus since they have already had a surrogate it mentioned in the profile that they are still in contact with the previous surrogate which is something I would like. I don't expect them to call me everyday once the baby is born or to see the child once a week but I'd love to have updates every once in awhile. Whenever I started the surrogacy process Adam and I had a lot to think about. Do we want a man and women? single male/female? gay? lesbian? And in the end it didn't matter. I wanted to help a family finally have a child, add to their growing family, or complete their family.

Both Adam and I and the IF's have to agree to skype and from the skype we will either agree to move forward or disagree. As long as both parties agree then we will start the contract process. That's all I have for now.


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