Thursday, June 26, 2014

37 weeks... Eviction Time!

Alrighty, surrobabe you have now made it to full term! You can come out now :) Oh wait... I should probably pack my hospital bag.. Goodness between giving birth and preparing to move all I have been doing is procrastinating... I want to lay on the ground and throw a fit like my 4 year old and just scream "I DON'T WANNA!!!" or "DO I HAVE TO?" why can't I just snap my fingers and it be done haha.

Last night I went to the hospital tour.. And I wasn't impressed. The rooms were clean but extremely outdated.. The delivery room was big which is good because we will have 3 people there during delivery along with all the nurses and doctor. The room you go to after you deliver was an okay size but awkwardly shaped.. Now as most of y'all know I'm kind of a pro at having babies.. Not really but this isn't my first rodeo. Yes it's been a few years but I'm pretty sure it's still the same concept. GET THE BABY OUT! Both my deliveries Adam was with me through the whole thing and this time he will be with me. Well unless I go past my due date and he has to leave for his school. Hopefully that wont happen. But my issue is I have had an epidural twice. Adam has seen me get 2 epidurals. He was in the room and supported me during the epidural and told me how HUGE the needle was(thanks babe) well this hospital make you watch a 10 minute video BEFORE they give you the epidural... When I'm asking for an epidural I want it RIGHT THEN not 10 minutes later. Also no one is allowed in the room when you get the epidural. Ummm.... I don't want to lean on some random person I have never met before I want my husband to talk to me and keep me calm while I have this HUGE needle going in my back. What if this nurse stinks like BO or cigarettes? Then they tell everyone for vaginal delivery protocol is you stay at the hospital for 2 days.. Okay no big deal that's 1 day for delivery and 1 day after you deliver? NOPE. Two days AFTER you deliver. TWO DAYS? Are you kidding me. Did I mention I was a pro at this... I want to pop the baby out and if I have no complications send me home to my comfortable couches and bed.. Well if they're even still here.. The movers may be picking up our furniture while I'm pushing out a baby.. Who knows. Whenever I delivered Brynna I was at the hospital less than 24 hours after I delivered her. I wasn't even in the hospital 2 days total, from the moment I was admitted to the moment I left was like a day and a half. Now if I have complications I understand keeping me but if everything is good I want to go home. I hate being in hospitals long term. They had a few other "rules" I also didn't like but now I can't remember them. Darn pregnancy brain.

My IP's asked me today if I was still willing to pump and ship breast milk. We talked about this at the beginning of the surrogacy whenever we were going through the matching phase but I also wasn't planning on moving right after delivery and then again 10 weeks after delivery. With us being only 3 weeks away from surrobaby's due date I have been thinking about this a lot. I was actually planning on bringing it up next time we talked but they beat me to it. I was so glad to hear they still wanted me to pump and ship. Now to just figure out what I'm going to do about pumping for the drive from NC to TX.. Also anyone have any recommendations on breast pumps? I am leaning towards the Medela instyle but they have a bunch of different ones. It's like picking where to eat for dinner..

Just got home from the OB's office for my 37 week appointment. I am now 3-4cm dilated! WOO HOO!! Those contractions actually did something! They didn't check my iron for some reason :-\ so if I'm still exhausted and haven't gone into labor by my 38 week appointment I may ask to see if they'll recheck it.. But he did say when I go into labor they will check it. So at least we'll know if its low during delivery. Also all my testing they did last week came back normal so that's a good thing :)

Photography by Brett :)
How far along: 37 weeks
Total weight gain: 13.5 pounds
Maternity clothes: No new maternity clothes..
Stretch Marks: honestly I have no idea.
Sleep: Is becoming very uncomfortable!!
Best moment this week: surrogacy related- J&J asking me to pump for surrobaby. Not surrogacy related- just preparing to move and get everything done.
Miss anything: wine, sleeping on my stomach, not peeing all the time
Movement: Oh yea.
Food cravings: ICE!!!!!!
Anything make you sick: Not really
Have you started to show yet: yes
Gender: It's a girl!
Labor signs: Last week I almost went into labor and delivery but about 2 hours later the contractions finally stopped.. But today I found out I am progressing!! She still needs to DROP but I'm dilating!!
Belly button in or out: In/flat
What has your mood been: annoyed, uncomfortable, aggravated lol
Looking forward to: delivering surrobaby :)
Any issues: Just my iron. Thankfully the swelling of my feet have gone WAY down!!
Baby is the size of: a winter melon

Upcoming Appointments
Adams Birthday- June 29th
OB appointment- July 3rd
4th of JULY!
Due Date- July 16th
Moving Date- July 20th(I hope)

So I'm curious... When do you think surrobaby will make her grand entrance and what do you think her length and weight will be??

35 vs 37 weeks
Also a lot of y'all have asked where will I be delivering surrobaby. I am delivering here in North Carolina. NOT on post, it will be an off post hospital. J&J will be coming here for the delivery. Also I cannot leave NC until I deliver surrobaby so IF I went past my due date and everything was done with packing and moving I could not leave NC until I delivered her. And once I delivered then I'd head to Texas while she heads home with her parents :)

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