Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Should Be Asleep..

BUT I'm going to update instead.. I know if I don't update now then whenever I get back from my mini trip to Cali I will have a LONG overdue and I'm not a fan of super long blogs. So what has been going on? I got our final contract. I didn't ask for many changes. Just a few and in my opinion they weren't outrageous. So most of them were approved. The one that wasn't I was okay with it just because we are only trying for one baby and they change had to deal with if I got pregnant with multiples. My next journey if I do a next journey I will change a few more things just in case I get paired with IP's(intended parents) who want to try for multiples. So now we have the final contract in hand and I have signed all of my spots BUT Adam left Monday morning and he has to sign to. So we wont be able to mail off the contract until Saturday whenever he gets back. I feel like I signed my life away. Their were 38 pages in the contract! I had to print out 2 contracts and will be faxing a copy and mailing both copies so I had to sign 16 times! But its for the legal part of the surrogacy to protect me, the IP's, and the child. I can't imagine someone being a surrogate without a contract.
Since Adam is in the field for a week training I will be going to this appointment by myself. I was kind of bummed out about it at first BUT also a little excited. I am able to have ME time with no kids and no hubby. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my kids and husband and love spending time with them but sometimes you need time to yourself. BTW at the ripe ole age of 22 I will be flying by myself for the first time. I have done tons of flying but never on my own. Always with family or friends. I'm a little nervous flying on my own but at least I will maybe get to sleep haha. But its times like these I wish we lived a little bit closer to family. Normally I'd have my mom, Adams dad, or my Gigi(my grandma) keep the kiddos if Adam was working or not home BUT now that we live 18+ hours away its not that easy. Thankfully I have met a good friend recently and my son and her son are the same age and she offered to help in the beginning whenever I told her I was going to be a surrogate. So whenever Adam got the news that he wasn't going to be here I asked her for a HUGE favor and she said yes. So the kids will be staying with her either until Friday whenever Adam gets back or Saturday whenever I get back(this is only if Adam doesn't come back Friday you never really know when they will be home until they are home). This will be the first time I have ever left the kids over night with someone that is not family =0 but I trust her :) now lets hope the kids don't scare her and make her run hahahaha. Well its 10:30pm here so I need to get some sleep. I will be waking up at 6am,probably should wake up earlier but if I wake up BEFORE 6am I don't know if I will be able to function the rest of the day haha. I guess thats all for now. I will update more Saturday or Sunday depending on how I'm functioning. I forgot to mention my flight LEAVES Cali at 10pm and LANDS in NC at 5AM!!!!!! But its only a 3 hour flight! Thats CRAZY! Darn time changes. Well I'm off to get my beauty sleep :)

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