Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Hot Mini Soccer Mom Car.

Why are minivans called MINI vans? They are not mini what so ever. They are HUGE! The car we have been driving for the past 3 years is an Acura TSX(small and compact) the cars I had before then were compact also.
and recently we bought a second vehicle, the Toyota Sienna(huge and NOT compact). 
It is still growing on me and I'm liking it more and more each day. My main reason I like it is because it has so much space. I could drive around the neighborhood, pick up random kids and not have to worry about if I have enough room for them. Also whenever I pick up these random kids they will have 2 different TV's to keep them entertained one will be playing Barbie and the other will be playing power rangers. If they don't like one of those tv shows I guess we will have problems but so far the tvs have been pretty awesome! Also this thing drives SO SMOOTH! I mean I feel like we are flying instead of driving. The automatic
doors = AMAZING!! And I love that the middle row moves so easily so if I need to get to the back row I don't have to climb in the car to get there. Plus I have the option for the middle row to have captain seating or bench seating. The only thing I wish the car really had that it doesn't is a sunroof. How do you people without a sunroof survive(btw today was PERFECT sunroof weather).
A few reason I don't like it is because I am short which means I have short arms. Whenever I was in my small compact car if a kid talked back to me I could fling my arm around in the backseat without even looking and I would end up hitting a leg sooner or later. BUT in the minivan I cant reach anything! So I guess I'm going to end up going in the woods behind our house and finding a switch. I'll have to find 2 different lengths because if one of the kids are in the 3rd row I need to be able to reach them but if they are in the second row I don't want to use the same stick for fear that I'll end up poking them in the eye or something. Another short people problem is that the windshield is SO BIG which can make things like cleaning snow off the windshield a little difficult. Well last week it snowed a lot(well a lot for what I'm use to) and over night it rained a tiny bit so we had a layer of ice on top of the snow.
This is all I could reach to clean off my windshield. Then my husband had to come out and save the day. And clean the rest of the windshield off. Thankfully he was home because if not I would have just turned on the defrosters and waited until it all melted away :)
There is this really neat small mirror in the sunglass holder thing that it right above my rear view mirror.
 It is there so you can see your kids, I'm guessing. Does anyone else's minivan have this? Do you use this? Can you actually see the kids? I can see the kids in the middle row but if they're in the back row I can see their figure and that's about it..
Even though a few weeks ago I said I NEVER wanted a minivan we may be getting another one(trading this one in) in a year or two but this one will be fully loaded and I will keep it a lot longer. I am learning how to weave in and out of traffic and not be so scared. I promise I'm not driving the minivan like a race car driver or anything crazy. I am just trusting myself with it more. I am excited for our first vacation in the van it'll probably be much more spacious than our TSX was :)

*To make this post have something to do with the surrogacy journey.
Get ready for some AWESOME ultrasound pictures.. J&J thought the 3D ultrasounds looked so neat so we will be doing 2 of them. One around 23-24 weeks and another around 30 weeks!! GET EXCITED because I know I am :) I'm bummed they won't be here to see it on the screen like I will but they will get to see a live feed of it and can show it to anyone they'd like. Plus I'll mail them all the pictures and the cd that will also have pictures on it. I really wished I would have gotten one with Brett and Brynna but honestly I didn't even know about the 3D ultrasounds back then haha.

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