Friday, July 5, 2013

Everything Happens For a Reason.

Well today I got news about the prospective IP's they decided to look for another surrogate. Since Adam is military and we have Tricare insurance I cannot use my health insurance to cover my pregnancy. So the IP's(intended parents) have to either pay for all the doctor bills and hospital bills or they have to pay for an insurance policy that covers surrogacy. I was a little bummed but also okay with it. The past few days I have done a lot of praying for a sign to show me should I go with them or not. I had no issues or red flags with the profile but for some reason I just didn't feel that click or connection everyone says they feel whenever they first got their IP's profile. There was nothing wrong with their pictures or their profile. They looked like great parents to their child and it seemed like their first experience with surrogacy went great. BUT I think that was my issue. That they have already had a surrogate before and in a way I want my first experience to be with IP's that have never had a surrogate before. Even though I didn't feel that click I still didn't feel like it was fair to them for me to just say no. Adam and I decided to still go through with the Skype date and see how we felt after that and if there was or wasn't a connection we'd decide yes or no. So in a way them declining me saved me the guilt of saying no. I didn't want to let them down. I would love to help every single one of them if I could. But I can't. It's impossible.

So after that email came another email with another prospective IP's profile. And both Adam and I liked this one right away. We were kind of annoyed because the last profile gave a lot more information about the IP's and this one gave very little. I still can not give much information for privacy reasons. What I can say is they are also IF's and also live on the east coast which I'm super glad about. I kinda wish they were a TAD bit closer but I'm just glad they are not on the west coast haha. This will be their first child so I'm super excited about that :) I'm just hoping the insurance is not an issue again. But if it is than it wasn't meant to be. I will continue to pray about this and see where it goes from there.

On to a different subject I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Adams uncle and his girlfriend came down to visit since Adams dad was here. We all went to dinner that evening and then went to the fireworks show. Fayetteville won a 4th of July contest called red, white, and you and it was a big concert/festival type thing. We all had a great time. And I ended the evening in the ER with Brynna. Nothing serious thankfully. But since we came back from visiting family in Texas we have all been fighting a cold. Everyone is better now except Brynna. Those of y'all that don't know my family personally, Brynna is what I call my sick baby. Everything hits her the hardest. A little cold can turn into pneumonia or bronchitis. Well I have been giving her breathing treatments to help with the nasty cough and slight wheezing but I guess from all the fluid it caused a painful double ear infection. Thankfully I got her in that night because if I would of waited to see her doctor it could of been Monday or Tuesday next week before she was seen.. Now she is on medication and feeling so much better all ready. And she's back sleeping through the night. Hallelujah!!! Haha. 

They enjoyed all the bounce houses, slides, and mazes.
Brynna is finally big enough where she can get up the steps by herself with out big brothers help.
 Kind of describes our evening haha.
But I guess she had an excuse with the double ear infection and all :)
My wonderful husband and I on this awesome 4th of July.
My little firecracker :)

Well that's all that's been going on for now. Hopefully next week we will know if we are officially matched with IP's :) 


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