Friday, June 28, 2013

It's Official!

I have finally gone through all of the pre-screening and screening to either deny or approve me to become a surrogate mother. In the beginning I was a little nervous because the military lifestyle can make things kind of difficult. But after a few bumps in the road I was approved. I looked at a few different agencies and for personal reasons and a few legal reasons I decided to go with the first agency I applied with.

Getting this letter was an amazing feeling. The process took a few weeks to get all the paper work sent in and approved. I had to sign lots of documents and they needed my previous pregnancy/delivery records. My military clinic also gave us a little bump in the road. You have to have an OB Clearance form signed and my doctor would not sign it. I was a little upset at first because I thought it would be a big issue but thankfully it was not. Adam and I both had to talk with a social worker on the phone to make sure we were both okay with certain things for the surrogacy and I am a little surprised how well Adam has done with all this. He has been such a great support. And I think he is as excited as I am about this journey. Now all I have left is the MMPI and then we should be paired. The MMPI from what I've read is just a bunch of questions and you answer true or false. I'm not really nervous about it but just nervous about the awkwardness haha. I will be on a skype chat with the psychologist during the test and they pretty much just watch me while reading and answering the questions :) once we have our first skype session with the kids and are matched for sure then I will start including the kids in the process. I am hoping that during the surrogacy that Brett and Brynna are able to meet the IP's(Intended Parent's) and hoping it will help them understand a little better. For now this is my only update. I'm so ready to give yall the update that we have been matched haha. To keep the identity of the IP's Private I wont be giving out their names, I will give them a nickname. But thats all for now.


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