Sunday, August 11, 2013

TS vs GS

So since I have announced to people that I am going through the process to become a surrogate no one has asked what type of surrogate I'm going to be. I have realized that the reason they don't ask is because they don't know that their are two different types of surrogates. There is a traditional surrogate and a gestational surrogate. Most people THINK I'm doing a traditional surrogacy but I am not. I'm doing gestational surrogacy. First I will explain what the difference is and a few pictures of surrogates. Then why I decided to do gestational instead of traditional.

Traditional surrogacy is the oldest form of surrogacy. A traditional surrogate is the carrier and the egg donor. So instead of using an egg donor or the intended mothers egg she uses her own. A traditional surrogate is also genetically related to the child she is carrying since she is using her own egg.

This is Jennifer she is currently doing a Traditional Surrogacy,
in the picture she is 25 weeks pregnant and is currently 28 weeks pregnant.

Gestational surrogacy is a woman who carries a child that is not genetically related to her. She has an embryo or embryos transferred to her uterus that was made by using the mothers egg or an egg donor and fathers sperm or sperm donor. Gestational surrogates have NO genetic relation to the child. If their was a DNA test done with the gestational surrogate and the child it would come up negative.

 This is Kelly M she was 29 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins, and she is a gestational surrogate.
Below is her with the parents and the twins she carried for them.

This is Kelly G she is also a gestational surrogate.
In the top picture she is with the intended fathers and 26 weeks pregnant, in the bottom picture is her with the baby boy she carried for them.

The main difference between traditional and gestational surrogacy is a traditional surrogate is the child's biological mother and a gestational surrogate has no biological connection to the child. This is the reason I decided to become a gestational surrogate instead of a traditional surrogate. If it was for a family member or close friend I would do traditional surrogacy if that's what they wanted but through an agency I will only do gestational. I feel like being a traditional surrogate I would become to emotionally attached to the child unlike gestational I won't become as attached. YES I know I will become attached to the child I am carrying for 9 months but not like I would if I was carrying a child that is biologically related to me.

So for those of y'all that care I am doing gestational surrogacy not traditional. Well that's it for now. Hope you enjoyed my little informative blog :)


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