Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lets have some fun

We have a few days to go to figure out if J&J will be having a boy or a girl. Personally I think its a boy. I have no idea why but this pregnancy just reminds me more of when I was pregnant with Brett and not with Brynna. Brett and Brynna both think its a girl. So I will do some at home gender predictions and also list a few Old Wives Tales.

1. The Soda Test- You pour urine into the cup with baking soda in it. If it fizzes like a soft drink its a boy, if it doesn't fizz its a girl.. I am pretty sure either way my pee is going to make the baking soda fizz but we will just have to see...
So I did the baking soda test(Thank you Brittany for the baking soda haha). I decided not to video record it because the thought of videoing my pee while doing the experiment and showing the world kind of grossed me out. So I will post the few pictures I took as my proof. My pee is super freaking yellow and I'm guessing its because of my UTI because honestly ALL I drink is water lately(and sometimes lemon water).. Besides my one cup of coffee I had today.
I got a total of maybe 5 bubbles and it didn't fizz like a soft drink.. I will let y'all be the judge of if this test says boy or girl and that will be the tie breaker.

2. Heartbeat test- If the baby's heartbeat is 140 or OVER it's a girl. UNDER 140 its a boy. Well the last time the doctors told me the heartbeat they said it was 140.. Girl

3. Acne- Some believe that if you get bad acne while pregnant you are having a girl.. Well in my opinion my acne has not changed. I hardly ever have bad acne thankfully. Boy

4. Morning Sickness- If you have extreme morning sickness people say its a girl.. Well I only vomited once so far and I'm 18 weeks. Boy

5. Chinese Gender Chart- Went online and it said girl but I don't know if it would go off my birthday or the egg donors birthday and I'm not sure of her birthday so this may not even be valid :-\

6. Mayans Prediction- They look at the mothers age at conception and year of conception if they are BOTH odd numbers or BOTH even numbers then its a girl if one is odd and the other is even its a boy. Well I know the ED and I are the same age and it was 2013 so they were BOTH odd numbers. Girl

Now we will have to wait and see which was correct and which ones were wrong. BTW these were just for fun. I don't think any of them really work but I thought it'd be fun to do :) Those of yall that still have not voted if you think surrobaby will be a boy or a girl then click here and go vote. It's halfway down the blog post in between the avocado picture and the snow pictures :)

Here is my almost(1 day shy) 18 week picture.. I wont post again until I have the u/s which is MONDAY! So everyone be on the look out..
17 weeks and 6 days with surrobaby
18 weeks with Brynna.
I honestly don't think I was showing yet with Brett
but he was also my first and it took me FOREVER to show with him

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