Friday, May 30, 2014

33 weeks

I know. I know. I'm slacking.. I have been trying to sit down and do this blog post but this week has been so busy and when I'm not busy all I want to do is just lay down. I'd love to take a nap but with Brynna that's not always possible. The weeks are flying by and surrobaby seems to be running out of room in the womb. I skipped a week of going to the chiropractor and man did I regret that. So I'm back to weekly chiro visits. I will probably end up going every week and a half again but I cannot go 2 weeks!! My OB appointment went great and my bump is measuring right on track.

I was too lazy to get a standing picture so
this is my 33 week bump :)
How far along: 33weeks
Total weight gain: 11lbs
Maternity clothes: No new maternity clothes. I did buy a new swim suit but it should fit me the rest of the summer.
Stretch Marks: honestly I have no idea. I know I have stretch marks but I don't know if I have any new ones this pregnancy.
Sleep: I want to sleep ALL the time!!
Best moment this week: surrogacy related- going to the chiropractor!! OH MY GOODNESS! It helped relieve so much discomfort. Not surrogacy related- Just spending time with my family this past weekend. If you'd like to read about our camping trip click here and it'll take you to my blog post about camping at 33 weeks pregnant.
Miss anything: STARBUCKS!!
Movement: All the time.
Food cravings: ice
Anything make you sick: I have to cut dairy out of my diet. Which is extremely hard for me. I don't really drink milk but I LOVE my starbucks which has milk, I LOVE cheese and pretty much have it daily. Sour cream, cream cheese, CHOCOLATE! The list could go on haha. But my stomach has been extremely upset lately. And after talking with my OB we decided it'd be best if I cut out dairy. Last night I did have a little sour cream with my dinner and I felt it whenever I got home. BUT I already feel so much better besides that little sour cream. It was a moment of weakness!!
Have you started to show yet: OH YEA!
Gender: It's a girl
Labor signs: All the time!
Belly button in or out: In.
What has your mood been: sleepy.
Looking forward to: The start of summer. Heading to the beach for a long weekend.
Any issues: I some how have a heat rash on my arms that is not wanting to go away.. And it itches like CRAZY! So today I kept myself on lock down and avoided the sun in hopes that it will be gone by Sunday so we can enjoy some pool time.
Baby is the size of: Pineapple

Upcoming Dates:
June 4th- Chiropractor Appointment
June 10th- OB Appointment
June 15th- Fathers day
June 29th- Adams Birthday
July 16th- DUE DATE!

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