Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chubby Cheeks and Open Eyes

Life is getting busy and time is flying right on by! Before we know it surrobaby will be here and my family will be preparing for a move across the country.

Our 3 year anniversary dinner
Last week I told yall about mine and Adams anniversary and how I planned a surprise for us for our anniversary. Well that was a total bust.. TOTAL BUST!! The surprise was a pedicure. A nice relaxing pedicure. Well he wasn't too excited about someone rubbing on his feet so as soon as we walked in we walked right back out. Thankfully I didn't make an appointment because then I would have felt bad. I was upset that he didn't want to get a pedicure but on Saturday he made up for it :) Saturday he told me to be ready by 5:30 because he got a baby sitter and was taking me out. Normally I'm the one who plans date night and gets a baby sitter but he had a friend of ours watch the kids and we had a nice dinner just the 2 of us. I love my kids and going out and doing family fun things but its nice to get out and have dinner a husband and wife.

Sunday was Mothers day and we had a great relaxing day. We went to eat for breakfast and then spent the rest of the day at home. I was in a lot of pain the whole weekend and Sunday was probably the worse day of them all. Still not 100% sure what is causing the pain though. I'm guessing its indigestion or reflux(honestly not sure if those are the same thing because I have never experienced this discomfort before but that's what other people seem to think it is). I will say with my previous pregnancies I never experienced pain or discomfort like this.. Monday thankfully wasn't too bad but I still called my OB to see what they wanted me to do. The told me to give Zantac a try to see if it relieves the discomfort so we will see.
Look at those wide open eyes and
chubby cheeks

This is all we could see at
first when we tried looking
at her face. Both arms
covering her face.
Today I had a chiropractor appointment and THEN the 3D ultrasound! I was so excited to see how much she had changed. Well I walk in and get on the ultrasound table. Surrobaby is extremely active. She is pretty much always moving. BUT any time I have an ultrasound she decides to hide or take a nap.. It was funny that the ultrasound tech remembered the previous ultrasound and how surrobabe made us work for good images. The ultrasound was only supposed to take about 15 minutes long. Those 15 minutes were spent pushing my belly, trying to get her to move, me flipping from side to side. NOTHING! She wasn't moving. She has her arms covering her face the whole time. So instead we took a look at her arms, listened to her heartbeat(which was 167), and enjoyed looking at her toes and fingers. Finally we got the arms to move and then she puts a foot in front of her face. So then we had to get her to move that. FINALLY she showed us her whole face. She has such cute chubby cheeks this time and her lips are so plump. It was amazing watching her move on the screen. You could actually see her opening her eyes and see her looking around. It was so neat to see..
 Precious lips

I asked the ultrasound tech if she could take a look to see if she has any hair yet.
And sure enough she does :)
It was amazing to see how much she has changed and how much she has fattened up(in a good way) compared to the last 3D ultrasound. If you want to see the images from the 3D ultrasound we did at 24 weeks click here and it will take you to the blog post about that ultrasound.
Tomorrow we have an OB appointment and I will update again with the pregnancy questionnaire and with a bump photo :) We also have our levy briefing Thursday and I am so excited about that. It will give us a lot of information about our upcoming move and pretty much what to expect! I am so thankful for all the friends we have here that have been able to help us with the kids during the appointments. Yes I can take the kids but my focus will be on them instead of the person talking at the meeting and I will probably miss a lot of important information. So be on the look out tomorrow or Thursday for another blog update :)

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