Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week 30..

We have at the most 11 weeks left but hopefully we only have at the most 9 weeks left. I SHOULD find out next week at my OB appointment if I will be able to be induced at 39 weeks IF she doesn't come by then. But I'm hoping she will come at 38 weeks and 6 days all on her own. Not much has changed this past week but I did start having contractions or Braxton hicks contractions I guess you can say.. They were PAINFUL! Extremely painful. I was at gymnastics with the kids gritting my teeth and just telling myself to breath! Thankfully after about an hour and a half they went away because they were starting to worry me. I also was really sick Monday and was planning on calling my doctor Tuesday morning if it continued but Tuesday morning I woke up feeling much, much better.

Adam and I have been waiting for an email to give us the levy brief date (pretty much a meeting to give us information about our move to Alaska) and he finally got the email. Next Thursday we should finally get some good information and answers about our upcoming move to Alaska. I already have a list of questions to ask :) but hopefully they will answer most of them during the briefing so I wont have to look like this crazy wife asking a million and one questions. I also scheduled mine and the kids EFMP screening(this is just an appointment with an on post doctor to make sure that we are healthy and if anything is wrong they need to make sure they are not moving us somewhere that medically cannot take care of us) we have had an EFMP screening before and did fine so I'm not worried about it.
How far along: 30 weeks
Total weight gain: 10lbs
Maternity clothes: I went to Ross and bought 2 more pairs of shorts because I only had 1 pair of summer shorts and man I'm so glad I bought those shorts! It has been HOT here lately!
Stretch Marks: no new ones
Sleep: It depends on the day. Some days I sleep amazing and others I toss and turn all night.
Best moment this week: surrogacy related- scheduling the 3D ultrasound. Not surrogacy related- My 3 year anniversary was today :)
Miss anything:
CLEAR SKIN!! and not peeing every 5 minutes

Movement: Still lots of movement.
Food cravings: ICE! Sonic ICE!
Anything make you sick: I was sick Monday but nothing else besides that.
Have you started to show yet:
yes :)
Gender: It's a girl
Labor signs: Braxton hicks started last week..
Belly button in or out: In
What has your mood been: good :)
Looking forward to: This Friday. I'm taking Adam somewhere. It's a surprise and he reads my blogs so I can't write about it yet.
Any issues: I am guessing its pregnancy acne but it is getting worse and worse so my next OB appointment I will be asking to see if their is anything they can give me to help with it. For now I am trying out this apple cider vinegar toner that Kelly told me about. Adam hates the smell but hey if it'll help then I don't care haha.
Baby is the size of: a head of lettuce

Upcoming appointments:
May 13th- Chiropractor Appointment
May 13th- 3D Ultrasound(If you'd like to see what the previous 3D ultrasound looked like you can click here and it will take you to my blog post about the one we did at 24 weeks)
May 14th- OB Appointment
May 15th- Military Levy Brief

Today was mine and Adams 3 year wedding anniversary. We have been together for about 7 1/2 years but got married 3 years ago.. I love spoiling him. I love going all out and finding the perfect gift but this time I had no idea what to get him. I really wanted to get him corn hole boards but he'd only get to use them for a month MAYBE two before we moved and then he wouldn't get to use them again until next YEAR!! So then I was like well he likes to golf why not give him a gift card to go golfing.. He said no to that. Well he has been fishing some so I think he's just going to go buy a fishing pole and call that his gift haha. BUT he knew I really wanted a new purse. Tonight whenever I got home from gymnastics I walked in and saw the purse I wanted AND a matching wallet! I cannot tell you the last time I had a wallet and how badly I NEEDED a wallet. Not only did he get me the purse and wallet he also wrote me a sweet letter. I love my purse but seeing the wallet and the letter made me cry. The wallet he didn't have to get. He didn't even know I wanted that exact wallet. I have never mentioned a wallet only a purse but he knew how badly I needed one. This Friday while Brett is at school and Brynna is with a friend of ours I am taking Adam for a little surprise since he's off. He has no idea what it is and it's driving him crazy but I'm so excited about it. It's my treat to the both of us for not killing each other these past 3 years..


  1. Congradulations on your anniversary! Just popping in from CM to check out your blog. Also, if you wanted some natural remedies for the acne, you can check out my post about lemon juice.

    1. Thank you. I will have to look at that post whenever I get home from the doctor. I have been doing the apple cider vinegar toner and it has helped a LOT and the acne isn't nearly as bad but I'd love for it to go away even more :)