Wednesday, May 21, 2014

8 Months Pregnant!!!!

Can y'all believe it! I am 8 months pregnant. While I'm sitting here typing this blog my 4 year old is asking me to come JUMP on the trampoline with her.. Ummm... Sorry Brynna ask me again in about 5 weeks then I will be okay if a baby falls out mid jump haha. Even though at night time I am pretty miserable I am still not ready for her to come yet. She still has some baking to do :) Well I guess last blog post I kind of left yall in the dark about the OB appointment and levy briefing so I will start with the surrogacy stuff first since this is a surrogacy blog.

WOW! 32 weeks! I know I say this pretty much every post but this pregnancy is going by SO QUICK! I am getting to the miserable stage of pregnancy, mainly because I'm short. EXTREMELY short. On a good day I am 5 feet tall.. But depending on who is measuring me, if I'm wearing shoes, and how my back is I range from 4'11" to 5' .5" so most people either complain the baby is squishing their lungs or squishing their bladder.. Whenever I am pregnant no matter if I carry high or low the baby does BOTH! I'm to the point of wearing depends and an oxygen mask to bed every night. JUST KIDDING! BTW NO I don't pee on myself at night! Only when I sneeze! If you have never been pregnant before DO NOT JUDGE ME! Everyone does it sooner or later while pregnant. And if you didn't do it your first pregnancy believe me it'll happen.. JUST WAIT! Other than that though the pregnancy is going good. I have contractions pretty much every other day.. Some days they are REALLY strong where I actually have to remind myself to BREATH through them! Other days they are just little baby contractions. OH YEA I went grocery shopping with Brynna last week.. Had contractions the WHOLE time I was there but we needed groceries bad so I had to just deal with them. Well I go to buy some eggs and normally I just grab the eggs from the shelf that is pretty much arm level and I don't have to do much bending. Well sure enough this time all the eggs were gone except for the eggs on the very bottom shelf at the back. I have to squat all the way down and reach for these eggs(if we didn't NEED eggs I would have just kept walking and made Adam go back over the weekend but we needed eggs). When I go to get up a lady asked if I needed help. I felt like such a fatty and I couldn't help but laugh. I was taking my time to get back up because I was having a contraction while I was squatting and I was waiting for it to end. But man she made me laugh. I guess I must look REALLY pregnant now.

How far along: 32 weeks
Total weight gain: 10.5lbs
Maternity clothes: I haven't bought anymore maternity clothes and probably wont. I MAY buy a swim suit top but that's probably it. I only have about 8 weeks left at most so I shouldn't need to buy any more clothes.
Stretch Marks: honestly I have no idea lol
Best moment this week: surrogacy related- J&J got my package I sent them last week and LOVED it!! I sent the 3D ultrasound pictures and CD's and also bought surrobaby an outfit and some mittens(those of y'all that don't have children of your own yet, mittens are like a HUGE NEED!! They are kind of like socks and the dryer likes to eat them up so you need a lot of them) Not surrogacy related- It's a 4 day weekend and we have fun things planned :)
Miss anything: Energy, Sleep, Wine??
Movement: All the time. I don't think she ever sleeps.
Food cravings: Still ice but I think ice is what's making me sick :-\
Anything make you sick: I THINK ice.. 
Have you started to show yet:
Gender: It's a girl
Labor signs: I'm kind of hoping whenever I go in this next week they will want to check me to see if I've dilated any. YES I know that dilation means nothing. I could be stuck at a 2/3 for WEEKS or I could go from a 1-10 in a matter of hours. But I'm still curious if these contractions are doing ANYTHING!
Belly button in or out: In.
What has your mood been: tired. But today I had a little bit more energy than normal.
Looking forward to: This long weekend :)
Any issues: Not really.
Baby is the size of: Jicama(what in the world is a Jicama?? Doesn't this thing looks smaller than a head of lettuce)

Upcoming appointments:
May 27th- OB appointment
May 28th- Chiropractor appointment
May 29th- EFMP screening for the kids and I
July 16th- Due date!!
July 22nd- Moving Date!

Non-surrogacy part of this blog post :)

So last week we went to the levy briefing. Seriously NO HELP! Okay it was a little help but not too much. I had way higher expectations. I left more confused than when I went in.. So my plan is once we get everything finished I will be creating a blog post(it'll probably be after surrobaby is delivered) about PCS'ing to Alaska. And once we PCS I will create a blog post about that. I plan to keep the blog going after I deliver and it will be geared more towards our life living in Alaska. I will give updates about the surrogacy part of my life but it wont be as much as I update now.

But for now I am pretty much on my own trying to figure out exactly what we need to do. Thank God for facebook and helpful military spouses.


  1. Lol I totally coughed and pee'd myself so bad that I thought my water broke while I was pregnant with Aubrae lol and my friend is as tall as you and is carrying twin girls! I'm glad Aubrae never bothered me too much lol

    1. I am SO thankful only one embryo stuck. I can only imagine how big I'd be if I were to be pregnant with twins! I'd probably be as big around as I am tall haha

  2. Hi Kayla! My name is Heather and I was hoping you would be able to answer my question about your blog! Please email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)