Tuesday, June 10, 2014

35 weeks and a Little Scared

Tomorrow I will be 35 weeks so technically I'm 34 weeks and 6 days but this will be my 35 week post. Today I had an OB appointment and things have been going good, I cut out dairy.. Somewhat. I still have moments of weakness but I have cut it out drastically and it has helped a LOT! Well at my OB appointment today they checked my iron levels again. Last time I had my iron checked was whenever we did my 1 hour glucose test and my iron levels were a little low they were around a 9. I added more iron enriched foods to my diet and started reading labels to see what had iron and what didn't. Well whenever I had to cut dairy out of my diet that cut some of my iron snacks out of my diet. Today they wanted to check my iron levels again and thankfully they did.. My iron levels are extremely low. They want you to be at least at an 11 and I'm at 7.4. So I had to speak with the doctor again after I got my iron levels checked. The nurses were worried because if I went into labor with my iron this low I could end up needing a blood transfusion. So we need to get my iron levels WAY up before baby comes. The doctor came and talked with me and she is pretty sure the reason my iron is so low is because I am taking my iron pills with my prenatal pills and I need to take them at separate times. So now I will be taking 2 iron pills and 1 prenatal, but I will take an iron pill in the morning and at night and the prenatal in the afternoon. If this doesn't work then I will end up doing an iron infusion, which is a liquid dose of iron given by an IV. Hopefully the iron pills will help because I need my energy back. I am so exhausted it's not even funny, all I want to do is SLEEP!

How far along: 35 weeks
Total weight gain: 13 pounds
Maternity clothes: No new maternity clothes but I bought a new skirt for our beach trip to hopefully wear whenever we take some family pictures at the beach.
Stretch Marks: honestly I have no idea. I know I have stretch marks but I don't know if I have any new ones this pregnancy.
Sleep: I could sleep my life away right now.. Seriously if I could send Adam and the kids away for a weekend all I would do is SLEEP!!!
Best moment this week: surrogacy related- finding out why I'm so exhausted and hopefully now we can fix it. ALSO I am now going to the OB weekly instead of every 2 weeks.. Not surrogacy related- buying new furniture.. Once we get it delivered I will post some pictures.. We have been talking about buying new furniture for a long time. We have always said we would buy new furniture before we pcs'd well with moving to Alaska we were going to wait until we got there to buy it but most people recommended buying it here because of how expensive it would be over there.
Miss anything: energy. not peeing every 5 minutes, my ankles.. WINE! haha

My right ankle tends to swell a lot more
than my left ankle.
Movement: Oh yea. She is an active little girl :)
Food cravings: ice!!(yes I know craving ice is a sign of anemia)
Anything make you sick: dairy gives me the runs!
Have you started to show yet: yes :)
Gender: It's a girl!
Labor signs: I have BH daily. Sometimes they are a little worse than others..
Belly button in or out: In.. I don't think it will come out.
What has your mood been: EXTREMELY exhausted.
Looking forward to: Going to the beach! Hopefully getting some energy back.. And I would LOVE to go into nesting phase haha.
Any issues: I had to cut out dairy and I am severely anemic. BUT the heat rash I mentioned last time its gone :)
Baby is the size of: Honeydew Melon

Upcoming appointments:June 15th- Father Day
June 18th- Chiropractor Appointment
June 19th- OB appointment
June 29th- Adams Birthday
July 16th- DUE DATE!
July 19th- We move..

A lot of y'all have asked what happens if you move before you deliver.. Well legally I cannot move until I deliver. And legally my OB cannot induce until medically necessary. Adam HAS to leave by July 19th so if he has to leave before I deliver he will take the kids back home to my moms and I will stay here in NC. I have mentioned my amazing friend Kelly on my blog before, well if Adam and the kids go home then I'll just camp out at her place until I deliver. From the get go I mentally prepared myself that I possibly could end up delivering a baby on my own. No husband. No J&J. Just me, the doctors, and nurses. And I was okay with that. I have had 2 children before, what different could this one be. Yes I know EVERY delivery is different. You could have 5 great deliveries and 1 could go completely wrong. I KNOW! But I didn't think that would happen to me. And it still may not happen to me. BUT I am hoping that surrobaby comes a little early so that away Adam can be here to be my support and be there to keep me calm. I am have been so go with the flow and nonchalant about this delivery but now I'm a little worried and I have a feeling I will be until I deliver and get the all clear. Plus I want Adam there so that away if something does go wrong he can let me know it'll be okay. Yes I know I'll have a doctor and nurse and the parents BUT Adam is my person.

So please say a little prayer that 1. My iron levels go up! At least to a 9.. 2. That surrobaby comes just a little early that away Adam can be here. 3. That I have an easy delivery with no complications and that surrobaby comes out perfectly healthy. I don't think my low iron levels are causing her any issues right now just because you'd think if it was she wouldn't be near as active as she is. I swear she never sleeps. She's always doing some kind of gymnastics flip or karate kick :)

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