Friday, November 8, 2013

Who Can Really Wait Two Weeks??

I have no self control right now for some reason!! I got home Tuesday morning and Kelly picked me up from the airport! Thank God for Kelly because I honestly have no idea what I'd do without her!! Well she brought me home and I took a great nap. Whenever Adam got home Brynna and I woke up from our nap and we all went to pick Brett up from school and then went grocery shopping. Seeing how excited Brett was whenever he saw me in the car melted my heart. I broke down and bought a pack of pregnancy test. I knew it'd be to early but just couldn't wait. I got home and took a test. Negative... I wasn't worried yet because their is a IVF rule. Whenever the transfer number and days past transfer number equal 10 you test. I did a 5 day transfer so a lot of people wont get a positive until day 5.. I tested again the next morning at 9am and another negative(it still was too early so I wasn't getting worried yet BUT I really wanted a positive). So I went and bought another test and around 3pm I took another test.. This test for some reason I couldn't look at it. I didn't want to look at it, I was nervous about seeing a positive and nervous about seeing a negative. It was only 4dp5dt(4days past 5 day transfer) so it still wasn't 10 days yet and I had a feeling it'd still be negative.. I finally go back and what do I see?? The picture looks much better on my phone but for some reason its not as noticeable on here.
I yelled WOO HOO!! Went and showed Adam the test to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me and even though I knew the line was there he still said no he didn't see anything(even though he really did) so I went and asked Brynna and she said she saw 2 lines. That's when I knew it was positive!! BUT it was only 1 test. I wasn't ready to make it official just yet.. I needed more tests. So the next morning I had Brynna's dermatologist appointment and on my way home I went and bought one more pack of test(2 test in a pack) and took another one as soon as I got home.. ANOTHER POSITIVE! And the line was a little darker. Both test were done around noon so not the first morning pee..

 I have 2 more test, one more first response and one digital test. I will be waiting to use those on day 7(tomorrow) and day 8(Sunday). Then I have my beta test on the 12th. A beta test will measure the numeric amount of hCG in my blood. Anything above 5 is considered pregnant but if it's below 100 I will have to go back 2 days later and have another beta test done. Then sometime around thanksgiving I will have my first ultrasound to see the baby/babies. As of today(11/8/13) I am 3 weeks and 4 days pregnant and am due July 21, 2014.. I already feel like I'm showing but I know I'm not. It's just some major bloating lol. BTW so I have a picture I can compared before and after too.. These are my before transfer picture :) ignore the leggings I was trying on clothes haha.

I have not told J&J yet. I asked them before transfer if they wanted to know if I got a positive pregnancy test and they wanted to wait until beta. So I am respecting their wishes and waiting until beta. I am wanting to send them a little gift right around beta but I have no idea what to send. I know I will send their picture of the embryos. But I honestly have no idea what else to send.. Any ideas??
Here are the 5 day embryos again. Now to just wait and see how many implanted...

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