Friday, November 1, 2013

My Almost 12 Hour Flight...

Days like today is why I prefer to drive instead of fly. I was raised with 4 brothers and every time we traveled another family member went with us so total we had 7 people going on vacation with us. Instead of spending thousands of dollars just on a flight we drove. Well lately I have been doing a lot of flying and each time I HATE IT! Now before I get any future let me correct myself or else whenever my husband reads this he will leave a comment about it haha. I don’t like driving I like riding along and enjoying the drive. I am not a good long distance driver. I can drive about 4-5 hours and I’m done… For the day. :) Driving makes me so tired and pretty much puts me to sleep but if I’m riding I can stay awake the whole time.
So today I got up at 6am with Adam because he had to leave for work and I wanted to see him before I left. Once he left I got back in bed for about 20 minutes and then started getting ready.. At 7am Brett’s alarm when off and I put him in the shower and then I woke Brynna up about 15 minutes later. Kelly (my friend) picked us up and we dropped the boys off with a friend of ours and headed to the airport. Thankfully the travel agent was able to find me a flight in budget that was out of the Fayetteville Airport that was only 30 minutes away. I got to the airport and for some reason everyone I dealt with was super cranky and just in a foul mood but I didn’t let that get me down. I was on my way to L.A.! Who can have a bad day when going to CALI? Well once we got on our plane they informed us that we were going to be delayed a bit due to weather in Charlotte. We ended up delayed about 30 minutes and then even more. My flight ended up landing in Charlotte at 11:15ish and my second flight was supposed to take off at 11:22. So I got my luggage and RAN to the next flight. Praying that for some random reason the flight was still there. Even though deep down inside I knew it was already gone or the door would be shut. I had to run, in flip flops, from Terminal E all the way to Terminal B and THEN to the end of Terminal B. Once I FINALLY got to my gate I was so excited because I saw people at the desk and the door was open. I was like YES!! I MADE IT! Then realized NOOO!!! It is departing to Atlanta NOT Los Angeles! I MISSED IT :( Instead of walking off and going to the starbucks that was calling my name, I ran up and asked if this was the plane to LAX and she said yes! OH MY GOSH I could have kissed her I was so happy. She said they actually shut the door 10 minutes ago but had to reopen due to all the delayed flights. I was the 2nd to the last person to get on the flight and they shut the doors right behind us.
About 2-3 hours into the flight rumors started going around about someone getting shot or a shooting happened.. Finally we were told that a TSA agent was shot at the LAX airport!!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD?? I was terrified. I had no idea where my mom was. I had no idea what was happening. I didn’t know how bad LAX was. Was it a crazy person? A terrorist? Was this just the beginning of something worse? No one really knew. So the pilot came on and told us what he could and what was going to happen. Our flight was rerouted to Phoenix, AZ because the LAX airport had been completely shut down. No flights in or out! We ended up landing at the Phoenix airport and thankfully they let us off the plane until they got word that the airport opened back up. I called my mom immediately and turned out she didn’t even leave Dallas yet. The shooting happened before her flight left so they canceled her flight completely. I waited a bit just to see if we were going to leave soon and the flight attendant ended up saying that there was a chance we would not be leaving at all until the morning time!! Well my transfer is scheduled for 9am and I had to be there TONIGHT! So I called the travel agent that booked my flight and talked with her. Right when she was booking a new flight for my mom and me to land in Orange County my mom informed me that they were letting them board her flight in DFW. The travel agent ended up leaving our flight the same and I played the waiting game.
At 1:45pm we were told we would board at 3pm. 2:45pm came and it moved to 4pm. 4pm came and nothing BUT they started boarding other flights to LAX so I waited and waited and WAITED! Finally all flights to LAX were called to board their planes. Instead of going right then I waited 10-15 minutes, I could see my gate from where I was sitting and I waited until the line died down a LOT.

This is not the best picture but behind the people walking towards me, behind them is all the people waiting to get on their planes gate A30-A18 were all flights to LAX and they were boarding all the planes at one time.
We were finally all on the plane and the door was shut. Well then we find out we are stuck waiting for another hour. An hour turns into an hour and a half and then an hour and 45 minutes! I was thankful though that we could still use our electronic devices. So while I waited I started typing up a blog post and texted Adam for a bit. I am bummed that today didn’t turn out quite like I wanted it too but I am extremely thankful that my mom and I were not at the LAX airport whenever the shooting happened. Even though my whole day was spent flying and my plans were ruined I met and talked with some great people today that I will probably never see again. I got some AWESOME coffee and everything worked out :) I have a heavy heart for the family members of the TSA agent who was killed today at the LAX airport and I will be praying for them. I am also praying for the people who were injured. I am also thankful that they only had 1 casualty and that things didn’t end up worse. I still haven’t seen the news but it seems like they acted quickly and were able to save a lot of lives and capture the shooter.
My mom landed in LAX before I took off in the plane but we took off about 10 minutes after she landed. They were not letting vehicles in the airport so we had to take a bus to the rental car place. She ended up going right away to get the car and I was to meet her there. When I finally landed at LAX I went to baggage claim and didn't even wait to see if my suitcase was there. I just had this feeling it didn't make it. Heck I barely made it I double they had enough time to get my suitcase and move it to my plane. Turns out I was correct and my suitcase was on the next plane coming from Charlotte that also happened to land in Phoenix so I waited. AND WAITED(this day has been full of waiting cant you tell haha).

Turns out the plane was at LAX but was waiting on the tarmac and they had no idea when it'd get to a gate. So I told them I was starving and I'd come pick it up tomorrow. Thankfully I was smart and also took a carry on bag also and in my carry on I had transfer day clothes, a pair of pj's, my toothbrush, my laptop, the medications I have to take, and a dinner outfit for dinner last night(we didn't end up changing we just went straight to dinner because we were starving). So I was fine. The other things I knew my mom would have so I was finally done with flying and airports haha. FREEDOM!! Or so I thought. I still had to wait for the shuttle to go to enterprise to rent our car because due to the shooting they were not allowing vehicles into the airport but thankfully that part didn't take too long. Tomorrow I will update about the transfer. Wish me luck :)

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