Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Baby I will NOT be Giving Away..

Tonight as I got off the phone with my Granny I realized that I needed to do a blog post about something a lot of y'all may not know.. And I don't blame y'all. I don't think you're stupid or uneducated. Surrogacy isn't publicized like adoption or abortion is. People don't talk about it. For most of y'all I am probably the first person you have ever know to be a surrogate. My Granny asked a few questions that a lot of y'all probably are thinking but don't want to ask. So this post is going to be my post to tell y'all exactly what I'm doing. I am a gestational surrogate NOT a traditional surrogate. The baby I am carrying is NOT my baby. I am not giving away Brett or Brynna's sibling.. The DNA this baby will have will not come from my DNA and it won't have any of my features. J&J looked through profiles and found an ED(egg donor) so it will have her DNA. Whenever the baby is born I will not be giving it away because it is not my baby to give away. It has been and always will be J&J's baby. I am just the incubator for the first 9 months.

Also let me use this post to say during this journey I am pretty much an open book. I want people to ask me questions and become more familiar with surrogacy. Even the "dumb" questions or the awkward questions that you are scared to ask me. ASK! There are very few things I won't answer, one of them is anything about money I prefer to not talk about that. You can google anything about that and get an estimated answer. You can post your questions on my blog, message me on fb, text me, call me, or comment on my fb posts lol.


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  1. If you had never been pregnant before, do you think you would of done surrogacy as your first pregnancy experience? Or do you think having carried two children already, it was a better experience and prepared you for the process? I've looked into surrogacy before, but I struggle with the idea of it being my first experience and not being able to bring that baby home at the end of the day. I wonder how some people do it, and if they preferred it that way.