Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Results are In..

So before I get to the exciting part let me tell you about how we got there.. The monitoring clinic we use is a 1 1/2 hour drive. They have local monitoring clinics but most monitoring clinics take 24 hours to get results back. Only a few of them take about 4 hours. The closest one to me is the one in Cary. Also for the whole month of November Adam is in a class from 9am-noon. Since we only have one vehicle if I need the car during that time I have to be able to drop him off by 8:45am and pick him up by noon.. Well we had to figure out a way for me to make it to my appointment and him to be in class on time and get picked up on time.. And thanks to my amazing friend Kelly it all worked out.. Have I mentioned how AWESOME Kelly is. If not, she is freaking AWESOME!!! I ended up being able to leave at 7am and she took the boys to school, then took Adam to work, AND watched Brynna for me. Yup Kelly's amazing :)

On my way to the monitoring clinic I get a phone call from Brett's school saying he forgot his folder and glasses. Great! But thankfully Adam was able to drop off Brett's stuff on his way to class. Then I get a text from Adam saying he left his beret in the car. AWESOME! Those of y'all that don't know what a beret is, here's a picture of him wearing it. Anytime he is in his military uniform he has to wear his beret. If he is indoors he takes it off but outside he has to wear it so he has to have it to get to class..

Even IF I turned around to take it to him I would not get home in time to get it to him. Thankfully he was able to find his PC(patrol cap) and wore that. So now he has realized why he needs to buy another beret OR stop leaving his in the car..

Finally I get to the monitoring clinic and the lady has no record of my appointment. I tell her it's a walk in appointment and she said she is still supposed to get some type of paperwork.. That's when I realized CRAP they sent the form to me to bring and I completely forgot to print it out. So I asked her if I could email it to her and she could print it out. Thankfully she let me do that. She finally let me go back and get my blood work done for my beta test.. That lady drove me crazy! Last time I went to my monitoring appointment she was very nice but this time she was so rude and negative. The form I had didn't have a date in the date spot but the date that was on the form was the date of transfer so she thought I was supposed to get my blood work done then. Ummm.. NO! My transfer was done on the listed dated YOU are supposed to fill out the date spot. I'm supposed to get my beta done 10 days AFTER transfer! She kept telling me I'll let you get the blood work but if it's wrong it's on you... Finally got my blood work done and then headed home. I made it back in time to pick Adam up :) this is my nasty bump from the needle.. My vein felt like it had a rock in it. :(

Once I got home it was time for the waiting game.. I tried to take a nap.. That lasted about 45 minutes :( all I wanted were my beta results!!!! Finally 4pm comes around and I can't wait anymore. I should have gotten my results no later than 2pm what is going on. I had a feeling it was the monitoring clinic that screwed something up. So I call my Cali office that did the transfer(they are the ones who were supposed to call me with the results). I asked them about my beta results and they still had no record.. This is 7 hours AFTER my blood work. It should not take this long. At 5:30pm they call me back and told me they didn't receive my results in time and that we'd have to wait until tomorrow... Ummm... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I knew it wasn't their fault it was the monitoring clinics fault BUT I just drove 3 hours for something I could have done local and the results would be ready by tomorrow morning. So I emailed J&J and I don't know what they did but an hour later I get another phone call from the Cali office and somehow my results were in..... Drum roll please...... 380!!!!!! My baby making parts are such over achievers.. Every doctor has their own rules but I was told anything over 20 is pregnant for them and anything over 100 is great.. If it was under 100 I'd have to go back to Cary in 2 days and get another blood test done but if it was over 100 I was for sure pregnant and can schedule my ultrasounds :) so I am FOR SURE PREGNANT!! Now I have to wait 2 more weeks and I will get an ultrasound to confirm how many babies are cozy in my uterus.. I am so excited for J&J to become parents. I am so excited to give them this gift of a child. And cannot wait to go through all the amazing life changing experiences with them and my family.

I have said before that I was going to tell my kids about what I'm doing and now that we know for sure I'm pregnant Adam and I will be telling them this weekend. So be on the look out for a blog post about that :) btw I did not proof read this. I'm on my iPad and I like to proof read it on the computer so if I have tons of typos I'm sorry. I also really wanted to get this posted tonight for everyone to read :)


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