Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hurry Up and Wait....

I didn't realize when I started the surrogacy journey that the military lifestyle had prepared me a tiny bit haha. But yes for now I am kind of I guess you can say at a stand still.. I'm bummed because I would have liked to transfer in October BUT I'm hoping we can transfer early November if not we wont be able to transfer until December. BUT hopefully I will have some type of a date soon..

So I guess for now I will update you with my family :)

We have had a lot of first this past week.

Brett started his first day of kindergarten. He was so excited to start school again. He got to finally wear his new pair of shoes for the first day of school and he also got a new outfit. He had a great first day and really likes his teacher and the teachers aide.

To prepare Brett for school and to make him more independent we bought him his very own alarm clock. At first I didn't think it was going to work. He would sleep right through it. One morning I finally walked in his room 30 minutes later and turned it off myself because he was not waking up. Well the night before the first day of school I put his clothes on his night stand with his socks and shoes and we discussed what all he had to do the next morning. 7am Tuesday morning he wakes up on his own because of the alarm clock. The alarm clock was a great idea and I'm so glad he has it. It makes mornings easier. Last year he never wanted to wake up in the morning when I would wake him up but this year he does everything on his own. (in the picture you can't really see his alarm clock but its on his night stand right in front of his fan)

Last week Brett and Brynna had their first eye exam. It went exactly like I expected. Those of y'all that don't know my husband and I are BLIND(not completely but pretty much). My husband has a very bad double astigmatism and also bad eye sight. I have a lazy eye(not a wandering eye just a lazy eye) My left eye does not function whenever both eyes are open. The first time I realized how bad my eyes were was whenever I was 15 years old and went to the DPS office to get my permit. You have to look into this binocular type things and read from left to right. I skipped the whole left side. I was so embarrassed and played it off as not hearing what she said but what she didn't realize was that I did not see them at all. Well both of my kids have astigmatisms(thanks daddy) and my son has my eye sight(thanks mommy) and my daughter has daddy's eyesight(thanks daddy).

We decided since Brett's eyes were such a drastic difference to go ahead and get him glasses. We want to try and prevent him from getting the lazy eye like me. Brynna we will be waiting until next year since she will be starting school next year. Her eyes are pretty much the exact same so we are not worried about the lazy eye happening with her. If it was a drastic difference like Brett's we would have gotten her glasses now.

Brett also started soccer. Last year we decided to do tball instead of soccer because soccer is more of a year round sport where tball is mainly a summer thing. He already loves soccer so much more than tball. We will keep him in baseball for a few more years and if he just really doesn't care for it we will just stick to soccer. 

My mom, gigi, and brother came to visit us over the holiday weekend and we had a great time while they were here. I enjoy having them come to visit but hate when they have to leave.. The holidays will be here soon and we will see them again..
Speaking of holidays... What is your favorite holiday/time of year? My favorite time of the year is October-December. I love fall, my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I love decorating my house for all the fun festivities. I just love everything about the fall and winter months. So as of yesterday I started fall/Halloween decorating :) I know its super early BUT I just couldn't wait any longer.. And I have brought out the fall smelling candles! Well that is it for now. Hopefully within the next few weeks I will be able to update you on when we will be transferring!!



  1. I just wanted to comment on here and say how BEAUUUUUTIFUL your children are! I just had to get glasses 3 days ago too. :/

    Hopefully you get to transfer soon!
    Good luck


    1. Thank you Victoria. He is doing much better than I expected with his glasses and is very responsible with them. For now he only has to wear them in school but he has to take them off for recess and PE and the teacher said he does it without her having to remind him.

      I am also hoping to transfer soon. Well I really just want to know a ballpark of when I could transfer haha

  2. Lots going on it life. The surrogacy part will be here before you know it!

    1. Chana yes we are staying busy with these kiddos. I know once I get a schedule I will start getting nervous but right now I'm just READY! haha