Thursday, August 15, 2013


J&J(btw instead of calling them IP's from now on I will call the IP's J&J) have found an egg donor! I'm freaking pumped because that means it shouldn't be too much longer. I'm REALLY hoping to transfer in October because it will be less stressful. I don't think transferring in November will be stressful but it's just cutting it close to Thanksgiving and we are going home for Thanksgiving and I don't want the transfer and my trip home to interfere with each other and postpone the transfer until December. If we don't start meds in September then we won't be transferring in October. So we will see. The egg donor still has to go through the medical screening and the contract part first and then we will start our medications to sync our monthly cycles! And THEN THE TRANSFER!! Just a little update for now


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