Monday, February 24, 2014

A Week Full of First Times..

This week was a very busy week.. And most of the week were first time experiences. And for this hormonal momma it was very emotional and I had to fight off the tears a lot..
Brynna started gymnastics this week. She is in the 4-5 year old group and is the smallest but no surprise there. So the coach has to help her out with some of the stuff because she is so small. But she LOVES it!! She goes 2 days a week and gets so excited about it. Brett also wants to start gymnastics so I may have him go 1 day a week because he will also be starting tball soon and I don't want him to have to much going on and him fall behind in school. Here are some pictures from her class. BTW these are zoomed in phone pictures so not the best quality.

Another first was Brynna had her very first pageant. It was SO not what I was expecting but we had a good time and she enjoyed it. I knew in pageants some people prepared a little skit thing or whatever you want to call it but I didn't know you did that in this pageant so we had nothing prepared. She was a little shy when going on stage the first time BUT daddy stepped in and helped out the second time. Also she was not a fan of all the waiting around. This pageant started at 11 and didn't end until about 2:30ish and it was a LOT of waiting because you have 2 different outfits so she went on stage in her first outfit and then you have to go change and wait for about 20 other girls to go on stage with their outfits and then you go back on stage again for your second outfit and then you wait for 20 other girls again to go show their second outfit. THEN they had a 3rd outfit if you wanted to pay for it but we didn't do the 3rd outfit. And THEN it was time for judging. It was a good experience and we enjoyed it but for now we will stick to gymnastics. (btw it was nothing against this particular pageant or any pageants she just wasn't a fan of waiting and was ready to leave before it started. She enjoyed being on stage but the waiting part not so much haha)

 Brynna was crowned 2014 Doll Miss Princess.

And the last and worst first experience.. Adam(my husband) is in the military and they went to the field for 3 days. Well he left Wednesday morning and my mom, grandma, and brother got here Thursday. So thankfully I wasn't home alone long.. I HATE sleeping home alone. I have no idea why but I'm such a big baby whenever it comes to that. Well Thursday night they had some night training to do while in the field and around 3am they had a training accident. I didn't know about this training accident until about 1-2pm whenever I got a call from Adam saying that he was okay and everything was fine... My first thought was "Ummm... Why wouldn't you be okay??????" He called me thinking I'd be home freaking out about him. Well what he didn't know was that I was out with my mom and had no idea what was going on. If I would have been home I would have seen on the TV, Internet, and facebook that his unit had a causality and some injuries. He didn't tell me over the phone what happened so I had to find out on my own and when I found out what happened I wanted to vomit! Adam has been in the military a little less than 3 years and we have been extremely lucky so far and have not had a deployment yet. I know it will come sooner or later but as of now I will count my blessings and be thankful that he hasn't deployed. Well we also have been extremely lucky and haven't dealt with any deaths or major injuries to anyone close to him. Until this past week.. They had a training accident that killed one, seriously injured 2 others, and 5 others had minor injures. It was a very emotional day for me. I was extremely thankful that my husband was not hurt or killed but it also made me extremely sad for the guys that were and for the families involved. I just cannot imagine the pain and fear they were dealing with. I know I have posted this on my facebook page a couple times but one of the soldiers has a wounded warrior fund to help with some of the cost and I wanted to share it one last time here too. I know most of yall are thinking the military will help him out and while yes the military will cover a lot of the cost. There is more to it and every little bit will help out. You can read the page and it will explain more in depth of what the money will help out with.

Now enough about first here is the surrogacy part of my post.
How far along: 19 weeks 5 days
Total weight gain: I have not gained any weight since my last appointment(a week ago) YAY!
Maternity clothes: Still 2 pairs of maternity clothes and I got my first maternity tank today. I also just bought a normal take in a bigger size
Stretch Marks: no new ones
Sleep: I wake up every night to pee and sleeping on my stomach isn't always an option anymore.
Best moment this week: Baby related- We scheduled our first 3D ultrasound!! Not baby related- My mom, grandma, and 2 brothers got to come visit us this past weekend!
Miss anything: not peeing on myself when I sneezed!!
Movement: A tiny bit.
Food cravings: Pink sherbet ice cream!!
Anything make you sick: Nope
Have you started to show yet: I'll let you be the judge of that from the picture I posted of todays belly shot
Gender: It's still a girl
Labor signs: No more Braxton hicks thankfully.
Belly button in or out: in :)
What has your mood been: Aggravated not sure if its because of the pregnancy or other stuff.
Looking forward to: Honestly just the next few weeks. A lot of stuff is happening :)
Any issues: I may have MRSA but waiting for my culture to come back..
Baby is the size of a: Since I'm 2 days shy of 20 weeks we will go with the 20 week baby size and it is the size of a banana

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