Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Past the Halfway Mark!

Well we are officially past the halfway mark and the belly is really coming out. A lot of y'all have asked about how my kids are taking it. Others assume kids don't understand. They seem to do really great with it. Neither has EVER called it their sister. They both call it J&J's baby(they say their names though haha). Today as I was walking into the store Brynna wanted me to carry her I did for a few minutes and then she started to get heavy so I told her I had to put her down. She said "That's okay mommy, I don't want to hurt J&J's baby in your tummy." It's so cute listening to her talk about their baby. The baby is starting to move around a lot more which is pretty neat to feel. I can't wait to be able to video my stomach moving because of the baby. Also I started back at my light work outs.. I don't work out during the first trimester because I am WAY too tired to do anything more than I have to do which is pretty much keep my kids alive. But now that I have my energy back I decided to bring out the light weights and keep in shape while pregnant. I did it with Brett but not with Brynna. With Brynna I was SO LAZY I seriously only wanted to eat and sleep the whole entire pregnancy.

Brynna wanted to workout too haha
My last post I mentioned how I may have MRSA well turns out I did in fact have MRSA.
I was put on an antibiotic and continued pushing all of the nasty gunk out of it. It is now pretty much healed up. Since I have had MRSA before(whenever I was in high school) I caught it very early and thankfully knew what to do to keep it from getting really bad. Well I guess that's really all that's happened in the last week.
Yes I know my mirror is so dirty in this picture it will be clean next time haha

How far along: 21 weeks
Total weight gain: Hopefully none but I haven't been back to the doctor yet since my last post
Maternity clothes: I still only wear my 2 pairs of maternity jeans and 1 maternity tank BUT I bought a pair of maternity shorts and a few maternity shirts for this summer..
Stretch Marks: no new ones
Sleep: I wake up every night to pee sometimes 2-3 times and sleeping on my stomach isn't always an option anymore.
Best moment this week: surrogacy related-I found a little gift I'd like to send J&J with the 3D ultrasound pictures but I want to wait to buy it until we get another confirmation that it's a girl. Not surrogacy related- Brett and I went to the Circus with my friend Kelly and her son Jacob and we had a blast! Aliana(our niece who is living with us) is officially walking all on her own! And Brett was able to get a slot in a gymnastics class the same time Brynna is in her gymnastics class(they will be going to the same gym but he is in the older class)
Miss anything: not peeing on myself when I sneezed!!
Movement: yes
Food cravings: water(I know its not a food but I CRAVE water this pregnancy) and for some reason at night I have to drink a whole bottle of water before I go to bed because I feel so dehydrated even though I know for sure I am not.
Anything make you sick: Today we were out all day and I completely forgot to eat lunch well by 3 I felt so nauseous. That's when I realized CRAP I skipped lunch! I had to get a little snack to hold me over until I got home because I was scared I was going to vomit!
Have you started to show yet: YUP!
Gender: It's still a girl
Labor signs: None
Belly button in or out: in BUT it is slowly started to come to surface. I can tell its not as deep as it was before pregnancy.
What has your mood been: It just depends.
Looking forward to: Hopefully going to Great Wolf Lodge for my sons birthday sometime in April depending on a few things.
Any issues: None
Baby is the size of a: pomegranate

Upcoming Dates(I decided to add a new thing to my blog and that will be upcoming stuff since now each month more stuff will be happening)
March 17th- OB appointment
March 20th- 3D ultrasound
March 26th- Brett's 6th birthday!!(not surro related but a big deal!)

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  1. Not eating during pregnancy for me is the worst! I had to keep snacks in my purse and God forbid I got hungry because I knew I was going to be sick