Monday, February 17, 2014

Does this baby not realize how many people are waiting to know?

Last night Adam and I had dinner with J&J. I wanted to go to a place that we only had here, well one place closed early on Sundays so we couldn't go there and the other place didn't have any reservations until 8pm so we couldn't go there. We ended up going to Texas Roadhouse and had a great time and some great food!! It was good getting to see them and catch up again face to face. Adam was nervous that we wouldn't have much to talk about but it's just like catching up with friends. We talked about the delivery, the hospital, my previous labors, baby names and I love the names they have picked out. I really liked the boy name a lot but I think its because I'm biased whenever it comes to most B names and the boy name they have picked out is a B name. After dinner we headed home and I got everything ready for the next morning.
This morning I got up and started getting ready. I was so anxious and excited for the u/s. I could not believe we have already made it this far in the pregnancy! I cannot imagine how J&J felt. So it was time to head to the appointment. We get to the doctors office and J&J pull up right after I do and we walk in together and wait. I was weighed and had to pee in a cup. BTW I DID NOT PEE ON MY HAND!! You other women know what I'm talking about. Every time you have to pee in a cup most of the time you end up peeing everywhere but the cup! Well apparently I've been getting lots of practice from peeing on pregnancy test, in cups, and in MORE CUPS! But I was so proud about not peeing all over my hand. But then it was time to wait. I felt like we waited FOREVER! But we were finally called back.
It was a totally different room this time around and this time they had warm gel which felt much better than the freezing ice cold gel! The first place she looked was in between the legs. I couldn't believe we were about to know what I was carrying! FINALLY!! It's a...... Well.. The legs are pressed right up against each other. Lets see if we can get the baby to move some. The nurse kept looking and trying to get the baby to move. Nothing. The baby was moving but instead a moving the legs in and out it was moving them side to side like scissors. So we got NOTHING! She said we would come back in a bit and try again. So we looked at all the organs, brain, umbilical cord, etc. and it was so neat seeing everything. Even though a lot of the stuff you really couldn't tell what it was you just acted like you did. We listened to the heart beat. BTW the heartbeat was 156 this time. Then we went back to the boy/girl parts. She took another look. COME ON BABY!! MOVE THEM LEGS!! I don't think the baby realized that tons of people are WAITING to know if its a boy or a girl? WHAT ARE YOU!! SHOW US! NOTHING! So the nurse went and looked at another angle. From what she could tell it looked like a little hamburger. Which means GIRL!! So for now it looks like J&J will be having a baby girl! She was so not cooperating at all.. But from what it seemed there were no boy parts poking out anywhere. I will be having a 3D/4D ultrasound sometime in the near future and hopefully that will give us a more for sure answer. But either way they are both so excited and I am so excited for them.
After the ultrasound Adam and the kids met us at Chick Fil A for an early lunch. Brynna had already met them before and this time they got to meet Brett and Aliana. Brett was so excited to finally get to meet them and Brynna was excited to see them again. It was a great visit and we always have a good time whenever they come down.

How far along: 18 weeks 5 days
Total weight gain: I am still not sure what my starting weight was but I have gained 2 pounds since last appointment which was 2 and a half weeks ago.
Maternity clothes: I have 2 pairs of maternity jeans that I wear but other than that its leggings and sweatpants.
Stretch Marks: no new ones
Sleep: I wake up every night to pee and sleeping on my stomach isn't always an option anymore haha.
Best moment this week: Baby related- We now know IT'S A GIRL! Not baby related- We had a TON of snow this past week so Adam was off work for a few days due to being snowed in. And my mom, grandma, and brother will be in here a couple days
Miss anything: Not lately. I mean yea I still miss having a glass of wine but that's really it haha.
Movement: A tiny bit.
Food cravings: None.
Anything make you sick: No
Have you started to show yet: It still depends. Yes I am showing but it depends what I'm wearing.
Gender: It's a GIRL!!
Labor signs: I think I have been getting Braxton hicks. I'm not 100% sure but a few nights ago I woke up with horrible labor pains. I knew they weren't the real deal because I actually remember the labor pains with Brynna. They weren't bad but I do remember them. But a few people said they sounded like Braxton hicks..
Belly button in or out: in :)
What has your mood been: Tired. These past few days I've been really tired for some reason.
Looking forward to: Brynna starting gymnastics and my mom, grandma, and brother coming to visit
Any issues: A little bit of Braxton hicks contractions AND peeing on myself!! I HATE sneezing! Because I have to do the awkward leg cross thing and if I don't I will more than likely pee on myself and even if I do the leg cross thing I will probably still end up peeing on myself and its no fun! BTW I have the weakest bladder EVER thanks to Brett(my first born). Also I have been having this very weird taste in my mouth and it is driving me absolutely CRAZY because I can't figure out what the taste it.
Baby is the size of a: Mango

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