Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas (Eve)

This Christmas has been so hectic already. We came home for the holidays and man even though I am so thankful we were able to come home and that we had a safe trip it has been constant GO GO GO! The whole time we have been here. My husband drove 12 hours total the first day and then we drove another 6(I drove 4 and he drove the final 2). I cant remember if I posted before about how I am horrible at long distance driving but 4 hours is about all I can do in a day haha. We have really had a great time though and I'm so not ready to leave. I was nervous about leaving the house but thankfully we have people watching it for us. My only issue with coming home is that like always Brynna is sick. We think she has a viral infection but are still giving her antibiotics just in case it is a bacterial since Christmas is tomorrow and we really don't want to end up BACK in the ER.
The day before we left North Carolina I had an OB appointment to check up on J&J's baby. I was 9 weeks and 4 days and measured 9 weeks. We saw the heart beating away so perfectly and everything looked great :). Sunday while I was out Christmas shopping I took a belly shot at 10 weeks pregnant. Here yall go. I go back the second week in January for my official first OB appointment and its like 2-3 hours long. I am so not looking forward to that but thankfully Kelly will be helping me by keeping Brynna.
Monday morning my mom, grandma, and I went to the next town over to finish up the rest of our Christmas shopping and I waited to long to eat so I got extremely nauseous. Thankfully we were finished and it was time to head home. About 5 minutes before we got home I had to stop to get a shopping bag out of the back just incase. Thankfully I made it home and to the toilet before I vomited. I thought I was in the clear and made it without vomiting but I was wrong. OMG it was miserable and horrible! I'm not going to go all into detail but let me say it was HORRIBLE!! And embarrassing. After I was done I walked out and my mom and Adam both told me I looked like crap. Well DUH! I JUST threw up!! JUST NOW! Little did I know it was worse than that.
Its now Tuesday night and looks just as bad. I have these little blood spots in my eye's, down my neck, and ALL over my face. Around my eyes is the worst though. I'm really hoping its a bit less noticeable tomorrow because as of now make up doesn't really help covering it. BUT once I threw up I felt much better haha. I am going to try and get a recording of the HB tonight or tomorrow morning so I can send it to J&J Christmas morning for their family to listen to it. I know they would be over the moon about it. So pray that I am able to get it on the Doppler. Well I have to get to the kitchen to help decorate(eat) Christmas cookies for Santa. Lets hope I don't eat them before he gets here haha. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas.

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