Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's Still One..

Every time I go to the OB I get so nervous about another baby showing up. I know with surrogacy its not too common because the doctors normally search pretty good if they know you transferred more than one embryo BUT I could be that 1 in a million with the way my luck goes.. So far we are in the clear and their is only one. Tomorrow I will be going to the monitoring clinic and I am so nervous that since I'm seeing a different doctor and it will be a different person giving me an ultrasound using a different machine that they will be the one to find the second embryo hiding out.. Hopefully that doesn't happen but I am so nervous about it..

On an extremely good note though I have less than 2 weeks left of shots! I cannot wait to stop doing these darn shots. They are not getting any easier! I HATE THEM! Yesterday I was 8 weeks and I felt like a little bump popped out but today it seems to be gone. Speaking of yesterday it was Brynnas 4th birthday party! We had such a great time. I really wanted to get a bounce house but due to nasty weather we decided against it. She had a Doc Mcstuffin Party we had some of her friends over, had a piñata, cooked out on the grill, she had a Doc McStuffin cake made, and she just had a great time. Here are a few pictures from her party.


A few things that have changed due to me being pregnant is I cannot eat onions. I can eat them cooked but not fresh. I also don't like eating breakfast. Normally I eat oatmeal or special k cereal but now I only eat a banana. I can't drink coffee, a lot of yall are probably thinking your not supposed to anyways. Coffee isn't really bad to drink while pregnant. Its bad if you drink an excessive amount and if I drink coffee its normally at most 4 times a week. For it to be harmful to your baby you probably have to drink around 4 cups a day. I can't drink coffee at all. It makes me feel so sick. I LOVE orange juice. And hate wearing jeans. So I pretty much live in leggings and sweats because jeans just make my stomach feel weird. Still no morning sickness and the nausea has let up for the most part. BUT I'm waiting for my energy to come back :)

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day of doctors appointments. It will be Brynna's 4 year check up and then my 8 week monitoring appointment(an hour and a half away) so we are calling it an early night. Be on the look out for an update tomorrow and hopefully their will still only be one :)