Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I Think My Husband Is Trying To Tell Me I'm FAT!!

So this morning as my husband and I were getting ready he starts to tell me how fat I look! Just kidding he's not that mean of a husband. I'm only 8 weeks pregnant and with Brett it took me forever before I started showing. Brynna I started showing a little bit sooner. This one is a LOT sooner. But apparently the more you have the sooner you show! AWESOME! Well as we were getting ready he says "Babe, don't get your feelings hurt BUT your starting to show.." THANKS BABE! haha not really but he followed with. "You don't look fat because its not saggy and hanging its more poking out so it doesn't look bad or anything." I couldn't help but laugh. Don't worry he didn't hurt my feelings I know I'm not a size 0 anymore and I knew I'd probably start showing sooner than I wanted to. But I am only 8 weeks pregnant ITS TOO SOON!! I mean if I was pregnant with twins I'd be a little more accepting because their would be 2 in there but their is only 1!! BTW there is a color run that is September 2014 my goal is to run the color run whenever it gets here and that will be my first 5k after the delivery. I will deliver in July so it'll give me 2 months to prepare. Well really a little over a month because I have to wait to be cleared after delivery. I'm also going to make Adam and the kids run it with me. I just hope Adam will be able to :)

Well after the name calling episode I dropped Adam off at work and then Brynna and I headed to Cary. I know I told y'all I would be going to get my ultrasound yesterday(Monday) well the RE's office had a little mix up and thought that I had been seeing the monitoring clinic all along when I was really seeing my local OB so that I didn't have to make the 1 1/2 hour drive anymore. Well my local OB didn't want to see me again until next week and my RE wanted me to have an u/s again at 8 weeks(now) so I had to go back to my monitoring clinic. SO me being the genius I am I decided to call the monitoring clinic yesterday before I made the drive to make sure they had the paperwork needed for them to do the u/s. Sure enough they did NOT! So I had to wait another hour before the RE's office opened up before I could call them and ask them to send the paperwork and by that time it would be past the walk in hours. So I ended up having to wait to go today. Thankfully it was just another u/s and nothing that we needed done ASAP! And in the end it worked out for the best because yesterday we had a lot of doctors appointments for Brynna(on her actual birthday). The 1 1/2 hour drive was horrible today! It was almost nap time(for me), very gloomy out, and then we hit the rain. Darn you weather. So what did I do! Turned up the music and sang my heart out. If you ever see me driving in the car and I am just rocking out know that I am extremely exhausted and I mean almost to the delirious stage. And that is how I prevent myself from falling asleep :) this first trimester is kicking my butt!!!

Finally we get to the monitoring clinic and even though I was told by the RE's office that they scheduled me an appointment for 11am the monitoring clinic said no you were supposed to come during walk in hours. So we will have to see when we can squeeze you in. WHY do I constantly feel like I am playing telephone with the RE's office?? Thankfully I didn't have to be back to pick Brett up anytime soon but it was NAP TIME! I could have came during walk in hours and been in and out in less than an hour and been home in time for nap time haha. Finally I was called back and we got to see J&J's baby :) it was so awesome! We have really been looking forward to hearing the heart beat but the monitoring clinics machine only looks at the baby :( so we still didn't get to hear it BUT you could see it!! And the baby was wiggling away! It didn't look so much like a little blob this time it actually looked like a baby. You could see his/her arms and legs and the outline of the head. It was amazing. Last u/s I measured a little behind but this time I measured perfect! I am technically 8 weeks and 1 day even though the RE's office has me at 8 weeks and 3 days. I have no idea how they added those 2 extra days on but due to the monitoring clinic and the IVF calculators I'm 8 weeks and 1 day so that will be what I go with from now on. I have another u/s on the 18th and I'm so excited. REALLY hoping we can hear the heartbeat this time because I know J&J have really been looking forward to hearing it. Here are some pictures for y'all to enjoy until next week :)

Head is at the top right butt is at the bottom left. BTW there is still one.
8 weeks 1 day pregnant

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  1. WoW! I am so happy that you are taking advantage of your gift to hold a child to bless others. Don't let any one discourage you because you are really going to change peoples lives for good. Congrats are being able to fulfill your dream as well.