Friday, October 25, 2013

One Week From Now..

Today I had my one and only monitoring appointment. The agency likes to use monitoring clinics that can get the results back to them ASAP because they need the results ASAP. Well the closest monitoring clinic that qualifies is an hour and a half away. So this morning I woke up got ready, then dropped Brynna off with a friend and took Brett and my friends son to school, and headed to the monitoring appointment. I got there about 15 minutes earlier than I planned but it was a walk in appointment so it worked out. I walked in got my blood work done and then waited in the waiting room for my ultrasound. EVERY TIME I got in for an ultrasound I PRAY that I'm not pregnant. No matter what precautions I take I still fear that I'll end up pregnant. Thankfully though this time I wasn't.

The blood work was super easy. I have had lots of blood work and that lady was by far the BEST! She did it so quick and it didn't hurt a bit. Taking the band-aid off hurt worse than getting blood drawn haha. I have a little bruise from being poked but that's all. The redness to the left of my bruise is from the band aid and I took it off 10 minutes after she put it on and that was 10+ hours ago. The ultrasound was the painful part. They don't do the normal sonograms they do an inner vaginal sonogram and I hate those things their so uncomfortable but it went quick. Before the nurse left though I asked her what my lining was and it was a 9!! Which was great!
After the monitoring appointment I headed back home and played the waiting game with Brynna. Thankfully I had other things to do today that kept my mind off the WAITING! haha. So 4:30pm came around and I realized CRAP! I haven't heard from my JC(journey coordinator) so I sent her a quick email before they closed. Turns out she was also in the process of emailing me. Well WE HAVE A DATE! And guess what??? I WILL BE HOME FOR HALLOWEEN!! The transfer is planned for the 2nd which means I will fly out one week from now, the 1st of November. There is a chance we will transfer the 3rd but we are planning for the 2nd. Then I will be back home the evening of the 4th. So thankfully Adam will be with the kids most of the time :)

After the emails I got a phone call from the fertility clinic that will be doing the transfer and they were also updating me about the transfer and what will be going on. She started telling me about the ivf medications. I will start daily shots on Monday and on top of that I will still be doing my shots I've been doing every 3 days. So every 3 days I will be doing 2 shots a day :( Then the day of transfer I will start something that we like to call vagina mints! Well, I will end on that and let you have fun imagining what that means.Plus tonight is day 3 again which means SHOT NIGHT! BOO!!

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  1. Yay!!!!! Can't wait for next week. So glad you'll be home for Halloween. I was afraid of that too and so glad I ovulated early. Would be sad to miss Halloween.