Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My First Time..

Yesterday was my birthday and guess what I got to enjoy on my birthday? A shot! Yup you read that right a SHOT, IN MY BUTT! That was probably the least fun thing I have ever done on my birthday BUT we got a big laugh out of it. Plus I'll always remember that my shots began on my birthday. 

I knew before signing my contract that I would have to give myself shots and take pills but may I didn't think it would be that bad. Well I was WRONG! It was horrible! I knew Monday morning whenever I woke up that I would be getting my first shot that evening so I thought about it ALL DAY! That evening we got home and I knew it would have to be done soon. So I got the kids ready for bed and started to get prepared. I got everything out that I needed and laid it on the table. I honestly wanted to take as LONG as possible.
Then it was go time. Now for my first shot I was NOT doing it myself. I was a chicken and made my husband do it. He was a little to excited about giving me a shot but promised he would be gentle. Now before I let him give me a shot we did lots of googling and watched youtube videos to make sure he was injecting the shot in the right area. Google needs to realize whenever I search for glute injection area I am NOT wanting to see women taking "sexy" picture in the bathroom. So now it was time to drop my pants and do the shot. Adam cleaned the area and then I stood there FREAKING OUT for 15 minutes! With my pants still down! I didn't want to pull them back up because then we'd have to use another wipe to clean the area again. It was the most awkward thing ever but he didn't complain he just laughed at me while I was in tears, freaking out, and sweating haha. All I could think about was someone peaking through my window and cracking up at us. Finally I put my big girl panties on and took it like a man(figure of speech I couldn't really put my big girl panties on because the shot was IN MY BUTT!!).
This was after the shot. I told yall he was a little too excited about giving me a shot in my butt. Thankfully the shot didn't hurt too bad. It wasn't as horrible as I mentioned in the beginning of this post it was a tiny poke and didn't last long. What was horrible was me over thinking how painful it'd be. I'm just glad its over with. I have another one tomorrow and then after that its every 3 days. On the 25th I will have a sonogram to check my lining and then begin another shot. So I'll be doing 2 different shots but I'm planning to do some of the shots myself so if my husband isn't around I can just do the shot myself.

After the shots I took my prenatal vitamin instead of taking the whole thing I decided to cut it in half. I thought cutting it in half would make it much easier. So I took half of the pills while sitting in my living room and washed it down with water. I almost threw up on my rug in my living room while watching greys anatomy! The stupid half of a pill got stuck in my throat and caused me to gag and almost vomit. So after that I was scared to take the other half of the prenatal pill. But this time I decided I'd eat something small before I tried to swallow it. 10 minutes later I walk over to the kitchen sink and take the other half of the pill and it went down much easier thankfully.  Hopefully today's pill and tomorrow's shot wont be as bad and wont take me 10-15 minutes to prepare for :)



  1. Your husband is such a baby face!
    Hang in there! It will get better or you can hope your butt goes numb :)

    1. Haha I know it'll benefit him later on in life. Sadly my left shot wasn't as bad compared to my right shot!! My left butt cheek has a bruise still but it doesn't hurt at all. My right butt cheek doesn't has a bruise and 2 days later STILL HURTS!! Haha

    2. LOL! Love both the pictures. Cracked me up. Hope the shots get better. At least you all know it's worth it in the end.