Friday, June 28, 2013

A Little Bit About the Moreno Family.

This is my first post so I will tell you about my family and then I will start blogs about the surrogacy.

My name is Kayla Moreno. I'm a 23 year old born and raised in Texas. I was born in Wylie and lived in Garland then moved to Ennis(tiny town) whenever I was 4(ish). I lived in Ennis my whole life until my husband(Adam) joined the military. I have 4 brothers(2 half brothers and 2 step brothers), my mom, my dad, and my step dad. I'm very close with my family and enjoy seeing them and spending time with all of them.
My town was so small that we only had a few elementary schools but once you got out of elementary school you were with the same people from there on out. EVERYONE in our town went to the same junior high, and high school. So I met some great friends in 3rd-4th grade and have pretty much been friends with the same people ever since. I graduated high school a year early and started college right away. I ended up putting college on hold because at that time I wasn't focused on college like I should of been. I was focused more on my family plus I honestly wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do.

We have two wonderful children. My son who I had while still in high school. Which was my reason for graduating early. Once I found out I was pregnant I did everything I could to finish school as soon as possible but I knew I did not want to drop out or get my GED, I wanted my diploma. And with the help from mine and Adam's family I was able to accomplish that. And we also have a daughter which probably added on to why I wanted to stay home instead of go to college. I do plan on going back to college in the next year or two. I will start out with a few online courses and then once both kids are in school I will also go to college and do classroom courses instead of online.

My husband and I started dating while we were both still in high school. We did things kind of backwards. We had 2 children first and THEN got married haha. Things weren't always roses and butterflies, we had our ups and downs. We ended up having a 6 month break up and that was probably the best thing for our relationship. Once we got back together our daughter came along. Now that we have decided that our family is complete I started looking into surrogacy and brought it up to Adam. At first he was against it but once we really started to talk about it and he realized that I was really passionate about it and it was something I really wanted to do, he opened up some. We slowly started talking more and more about it and he came home one day and said "lets do this. I'm on board, you can be a surrogate and I'll support you 100%." And he has really been supportive and open about it so far. We haven't told the kids just yet I have debated about telling them now or waiting until we start the process with (IP's)Intended Parents. And we decided that it'd be best if we waited until we got paired with IP's just so we'd be able to put a face with the explanation.
If my blog gets more popular and people start asking more questions then I will do another question blog or about me bog or something like that but most of the blogs will be updates about the surrogacy and what all is going on through the journey.


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