Saturday, January 18, 2014

Guess What??

As long as things go according to plan we will be scheduling the anatomy scan at my next doctors appointment and we are hoping to schedule it for Valentines day!! J&J will be flying in again for the anatomy scan and hopefully as long as the baby cooperates we will be able to tell if J&J will be getting a baby boy or a baby girl.. So yall have a little less than a month to get yalls guesses in :) I am thinking its a boy.. With Brynna I blew up a LOT quicker than with Brett.. I'm wondering if I can find a few baby bump photos of both pregnancies.. Let me see if I can remember my myspace passwords because I think that's where most of my Brett baby bump photos are HAHA! So I got another heartbeat video and sent it to J&J a few days ago. They LOVED it! It was so amazing listening to it and so neat at how much easier it was to find it this time around compared to last time. Here is a little clip of the video. Towards the end the baby started moving so the heartbeat wasn't really registering.. But you can still hear it clear as day!
Also like I promised here is another baby "bump" I swear this thing is getting smaller and smaller each week! I guess in the beginning it was more bloating?? I'm not really sure. Some days it looks like a bump and some days its just GONE! Not sure where it goes though haha. But normally towards the end of the day it likes to poke out more than in the mornings. So this was me at 14 weeks. I am now currently 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant and not much has changed.
That's really it for now. I will update again soon. My next OB appointment is on the 28th but they wont do a sonogram at that appointment so I wont have any baby photo's for yall BUT who knows I may actually have a pretty decent bump at that time :)

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